Veriforte® Surface disinfection based on HOC

Veriforte® surface disinfection is a fast-acting alcohol-free disinfectant for use on surfaces that is based on the effective principle of hypochlorous acid. It is an active ingredient concentrate produced by membrane cell electrolysis consisting of water, salt, NaOCl and HOCl.

The solution is pH-neutral and non-cytotoxic, which means that it is neither irritating to the eyes nor mucous membranes and can be regarded as harmless even when it meets food products.

Use of surface disinfection

The surface disinfection is ready-to-use and does not have to be touched or mixed with water. Veriforte® can be easily applied by ULV Cold Fogging wiping or spraying and does not require subsequent cleaning. After use, it evaporates without leaving any residue and breaks down into water and salt.