Distributor of Quality German Products

Markus Thurau and Ron Pfuhlmann established the Thurau & Pfuhlmann Partnership in Germany in 2000.

AIR-CLEAN360 is another part of our business. Under this brand, we distribute and sell, IDEAL Air Purifiers, ULV Fogging Devices and VIROSAN Disinfectant.

PCDirect4U is our newest Brand where we source IT Equipment from large corporations in Germany which are then refurbished, and quality checked, before being offered to the market. We stock some of the latest model laptops, computers, workstations and servers, at a fraction of the retail price. Through our contacts in the industry, we can supply laptops and desktops from some of the biggest names in computing, including Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Siemens, Toshiba and many more.